You can then choose an existing customer by clicking on the square button next to "Customer Name", which will open the customer database.  Highlight the customer for whom you are preparing the quote, and either double-click or click the "Select" button.  Most of the fields in the "General" tab will now be updated with the information for the selected customer.  Enter the "Lead Time Work Days", "Forecast Date", and the "Percent of Close" information.  A sales representative can be assigned by entering their initials or choosing from the menu which appears when you click on the square box with the three dots, next to the "Sales Rep" field.


The "Description" field within the "Quote Description" tab can be used for entering additional information regarding the quote.  This field will not be printed on the customer's quote sheet.


The "Results" tab can be completed with more information about the quote, including the date the customer needs to receive their order, their customer order number, how the order will be shipped, and the ship date.  The square box with the three dots next to "Date Shipped" will provide a calendar for choosing the correct date.


The "Ship To" tab will provide information on where the order is to be shipped.


Create/Edit a Quote Window

The Create/Edit a Quote Header Window now has the Lumber Job Items TAB now combined with the quote Customer header TAB.


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