Contact Activity Manager

Millworx includes a well designed Contact Manager.contactmenu

The Contact Table may be accessed from the Main Menu Icon Bar or from the Office Tools > Contact Management > Contact Activity option.


Selecting Contact Activity from the contact management menu displays the Contact Activity form.  This is a multi-part form displaying a table listing customer/contacts on the top and the highlighted contact's activity in the lower table.




When a customer/contact is highlighted, customer information is displayed to the right of the customer table.


Customer information can be changed or added from this table.




Activity for the highlighted customer is displayed in multiple views depending on the tab selected.  The extended description and result for the highlighted activity is displayed to the right of the activity table.


To change an activity, press the Change button.  To enter a new activity, press the Insert button.  In both cases the activity Maintenance form is displayed


The Activity maintenance Form is a multi-page form displaying general information, an Extended description, and a result.




Select the General tab and fill in the information requested.  To complete and activity, check the Completed box.


To enter an Extended Description, select the Extended Description field and enter comments. To enter a result for this activity, select the Result field and enter your results.


After entering all necessary information, press the Ok button to complete the entry.

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