Adding or Editing a Job Item in a Quote

The "Job Items"  Tab is where each item being quoted/ordered is to be entered.  Click on "Add Item" button to enter the first item.



Most of the information to be entered will be in the "Lumber + Cost" tab.  Choose from Lineal, Square Ft, or Piece.  You can choose the specie of lumber by clicking on the square button next to "Lumber Code" and double-clicking the correct item or by highlighting it and clicking "Select" (this button will have a hand on it).  You can also enter the first few letters of the lumber code and then pressing the Tab button, which will also open the lumber database.  From here you can also print a list of all of the different lumber codes by pressing the "Lumber List" button at the bottom left corner.


The lumber code, specie/description, and average purchase cost will then be filled in automatically.  Enter all of the information in each field as required.  All of the "Cost" fields are a flat fee for the entire order and NOT a percentage.  Any additional cost(s) which are not specified in the various fields can be noted in the "Other Cost" field.  You can check the totals at any time by clicking the "Recalculate" button at the bottom right corner, or by pressing Alt-R.  You can also specify the lead time required in the "Lead Time Days" field.  This field goes by working days, and not calendar days.


The "Quote Size" and "Quote Description" fields can be altered to read whatever the customer should see, as these fields will be reflected on the printed quote sheet.  The "Minimum Delivery" cost defaults to $30.00, and the "Delivery Cost Factor" is a percentage of the total order which is added to the minimum delivery cost.  The "Target GP%" is your target gross profit percentage.  Once all of the information is correct, click "OK" and you will go back to "Adding a QUOTEHDR Record" window.  You will then see all of the items that you have quoted so far.  From here you can insert another item by pressing the "Insert" button, change an existing item by highlighting it and clicking "Change", delete an item by highlighting it and clicking "Delete", or printing a worksheet on an individual item by highlighting it and clicking "Print Item".  Once all items have been entered, click "Save", which will take you back to the Quote Selection Table.  To print a quote, highlight the quote and click "Print Quote".  You can also print cost sheets for the items within the quote, or proceed to printing an order and pick ticket by highlighting the quote and clicking the pertinent button on the bottom of the window.


To have the system calculate the number of lineal feet based upon the number of square feet required, choose "Square Ft" and select the lumber code.  Enter the number of square feet needed for the job, along with the net width, width waste, and net thickness, and click "Recalculate".  The number of lineal feet will then be shown in the Lineal Feet field.


If you have previously completed a quote that you would like to duplicate, highlight the original quote in the Quote Selection Table and click the "Copy Quote" button.  A box will open which confirms that the quote was copied.  Click "OK" and the quote window will open where all of the details of the quote are available for amendment.  A new number will be automatically assigned to this quote so as not to confuse it with any of the previously completed quotes.


You can view, edit, or add to the customer database ("Customer Selection Table") by clicking the button at the top of the window with the picture of the hands on it.  The list can be arranged by name, customer number, contact name, or telephone number.


There is a "Date Record Updated" field within the entries in the Lumber database.  This date is automatically updated whenever a field is altered in the record.  The date does not change if you are only "viewing" the record.


Revised Auto Create Description Options in the Quote Job Item Edit/Update Window


(A)Quote Description field: The 'Lumber Description' or 'MPC Description' information appears in the edit window, separate from the Quote Size field.

(B)Complete the Board Length field with a length in feet, feet and inches, or inches, or RL for random length and/or SL for Selected Lengths.

(C)The lookup buttons can be used to automatically convert the decimal measurements (thickness and face width) to fractions.

(D)If the Quote Size is blank or deleted then Millworx will Auto Create the Quote Size with the thickness +width +board length.

(E)If the Quote Description is blank or deleted then Millworx will Auto Create the Quote Description with the Quote Size +Attribute +Specie.


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