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Inventory items (the products and/or services you sell) can be entered here or can be entered on-the-fly as needed.  The choice is yours.  Sometimes it is easier to enter the inventory with a product list in hand as opposed to having to lookup information each time you need to add an item.


To view your inventory items, select Inventory Maintenance from the Maintenance menu.  The Inventory Selection Table is displayed.






Inventory items can be viewed in item number sequence or by description.  Select the tab for the desired sequence.


Items can be added or modified by pressing the Insert button to add a new item or point to an item and then press the Change button to view or modify data for the selected item.  In both cases the Inventory Maintenance Form is displayed.


The Inventory Maintenance Form is a multi-page form with data grouped under tabs.  Select a tab to view the data on that page.





The General tab displays the unique item number, the item description, category, unit of measure, unit cost, list price, sales tax indicator, quantity on hand, bin number (storage location), and the status of this record.


Category allows you to group your items.


Check the sales tax box if sales tax applies to this item.


Remember the Ellipsis button is used for quick lookups and selection.





The Accounts tab displays the revenue, expense (cost of goods), and inventory accounts to be used when applying transactions of this item to General Ledger.


Extended Description



The Extended Description tab displays a page where an extended text description can be added for this item.  The extended description is printed on the invoice when this item is sold.

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