Entering Customers


To view your customers, select Customer Maintenance form the Maintenance menu.  The Customer Selection Table is displayed.





The Customer table can be viewed by Customer Name, by Contact Name, or by Telephone number.  This table is initially displayed in Customer Name sequence.  If you wish to view the table in another sequence, press the tab for the desired sequence.


You can add or modify customer entries by pressing the Insert button to add a customer or by pointing to an existing customer and then pressing the Change button to view or modify that customer's data.  In both cases the Customer Maintenance Form is displayed.


Note that there are other buttons listed on this table.  Those will be discussed later.  At this point we just want to add our customers.


The Customer Maintenance Form is a multi-page form with data grouped under tabs.


Select a tab to view the data on that page.





The General tab displays an indication as to whether this entry is for a customer or a prospect, customer name and address, contact name, a discount rate, terms, and a tax exempt number.  If the tax exempt number is filled in, no sales tax will be calculated on invoices.


Remember the Ellipsis button is used for quick lookups and selection.


Additional Contacts


The Additional Contacts tab displays data used by the Contact Manager.  While this is handy information, none of the data fields on this page is required. The Additional Contacts tab displays a page listing additional contacts for this customer/prospect.  An unlimited number of additional contacts can be attached to a customer/prospect.

Additional contacts can be added or modified by pressing the Insert, Change, or Delete buttons depending on the action you wish to take.  In each case the Contacts Maintenance Form is displayed.


Credit Terms and User Defined Fields


The User Defined Fields tab display a set of thirteen user defined fields.  The first four fields are defined as dates. The next four are character fields allowing up to 20 characters. Fields nine through twelve are character fields allowing up to forty characters.  The thirteenth field is a memo field allowing up to 1000 characters.


The labels to the left of each field are specified in the General Information file.

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