Controlling Access Levels requires a Supervisor Login.


When setting-up a User you are given the option of allowing all access to controls or no access. Therefore, depending on which option you select you may need to adjust the User Group or individuals access rights.


The Millworx Main Menu and the Report Manager screen allows for the adjustment of access for the Group or individual.


In order to set or adjust the security rights you must be logged in as a Supervisor. By going to the main window and pressing Ctrl-F8, you will get the Set Access window. The Ctrl-F8 command is only available on the windows that have User Security options. This window will have a list of the Operators on one side (Users with No Access, and Supervisors are not listed).


User Groups will also be listed, and users already assigned to groups are not listed.

The list takes the form of a spreadsheet, with the names on the left, and the access rights on the right. By simply double-clicking on the displayed rights, access can be changed from Yes to No or No to Yes. Closing the screen is done by clicking on the OK button.


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