A Credit Memo (or Work Order) items may be added to a Quote as a Job Item.



1.Go to an existing Approved Order in the Approved Order browse table that should be adjusted. Make a note of the Order Number, which is now referred to as the First Order.

2.Un-approve the First Order so it may be accessed from the Quotes:Admin View browse table.

3.Locate the First Order in the Quotes:Admin View browse table and copy the Quote. Make a note of the new Quote Number, which is now referred to as the Second Order.

4.Before continuing with the Second Order go back to the First Order and re-approve to move it back into the Approved Order Table.

5.Go to the Main Menu option File > Maintenance > Quote Job Items and locate the Second Order and the Job Item that should be edited for a Credit Memo. Click the Edit CM/WO to open the record.

6.Note: You can delete the Second Order Job Items if they are not needed for the Credit Memo.



Edit the Credit Memo (or Work Order) Item

A.The Job Item window has been modified to disable most of the automated calculations. Note: Click on the Work Order Item checkbox to prohibit the record from being opened in the standard Quote Headers form windows.

B.It you are adjusting the record to a Credit Memo the values of the Gross Profit, COS and Sell Price should be entered as a (-negative) number.

C.The fields for the Total Cost, Gross Profit, Cost of Sales, Sell Price and Adjusted Sell Price are not automatically calculated.




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