To enter travel expenses, select Expense Reports from the Office Functions menu and then Enter Expenses.  The Trip Selection Table is displayed.




The Trip Selection Table displays existing expense reports by either trip number or by trip date.  Select the desired sequence by pressing the associated tab.


The View Detail for Selected Trip button will display trip detail for the highlighted trip.


To add a new trip, press the Insert button.  Or, to change an existing trip, press the Change button.  In both cases the Trip Maintenance Form is displayed.


The Trip maintenance Form is a two part form displaying general trip information under the General tab and detail expenses for this trip under the Trip Detail tab.




If not already selected, select the general tab.


Fill in the name, purpose, and date fields.  Indicate the amount of any advance received and check the Paid box if you have been reimbursed for the trip.  Then select the Trip Detail tab.




This tab displays detail expenses for this trip.


Press the Insert button to add new expense detail or the Change button to update existing expense detail.  In both cases the Trip Detail Maintenance Form is displayed.




The Trip Number is preset.  Enter the expense date, select an expense item, and enter the expense amount and purpose.  You can also indicate whether or not you have a receipt.  Finally, press the Ok button to complete the entry.


Repeat this process for all expense detail.


After you have completed the entry of expense detail, press the Ok button on the Trip Maintenance Form to complete entry for this trip.

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