Employee information has many uses within the OFFICE Plus system.  This information includes sales tracking and appointment scheduling.  This file is also used by the Payroll add-in module for pay entry,  and expense and withholding tracking.


If you are using the Payroll add-in module, refer to the Payroll Users Guide for additional data within the employee record.


To view your employees, select Employee Maintenance form the Maintenance menu.  The Employee Selection Table is displayed.




Employees can be viewed in Employee Name sequence or by Employee Id.  Select the tab for the desired sequence.


Employees can be added or modified by pressing the Insert button to add a new employee or by pointing to an existing employee and then pressing the Change button to view or modify employee data.  In both cases the Employee Maintenance Form is displayed.


The Employee Maintenance Form is a multi-page form with data grouped under tabs.  Select a tab to view the data on that page.





The General tab displays a unique employee id, the employee's address and telephone number, emergency contact data, and additional information related to this employee.


Employee Information



The Employee Information tab displays a block of text for entering employee information and data needed for scheduling appointments for this employee.

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