In Millworx 4.5, 8 additional Auto Calculate Check boxes on the Quote Item Window were added. The default formulas and settings for  the Auto Compute  Check boxes can be found in the Millworx Default values window. The following tutorial will show how to change the formulas and change the optional settings. The Default Values has been pre loaded with the current cost formulas, which are currently manually calculated with external calculators.


How to Change a Formula, Make an Auto Calculation Required or Optional and Set the Minimum Cost if Desirable?


[1] Navigate to the Mill Cost Default Values table under the Main Menu > File > Maintenance option. (see example below)





[2] Highlight the Heppner Standard Set and click on [Change] and the example window will open. Most Millworx Quote Job Item default values and some Quote Header values may be set in this edit window and table.




[3] Column A, the Auto Compute Checkbox field, in the example above is used to set a mandatory calculation on the Job Item quote window. A check in this column will force a corresponding checkbox on the Job Item window to be 'checked.'

[4] Column B is used to set the Quantity field on the Job Item quote window that will be used to auto calculate the various charges.

[5] Column C is used to set a factor or fractional decimal value to multiply the appropriate quantity field to calculate the cost.

[6] Column D is the minimum value, which will be used despite the value of the calculation if the calculated value on the Job Item quote is less than the value set in the Minimum Value field.

[7] Column E, or the Required Minimum field, is used to force the Minimum Value even though the Auto Compute checkbox is not selected or checked.


Default Settings for Floor Types

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