Exporting Items From QuickBooks For Millworx

Exporting Items From QuickBooks For Millworx


The QuickBooks Items may be exported as a comma separated value (CSV) file for import into Millworx.


Open the ITEMS table in QuickBooks.



At the bottom of the ITEMS table select the EXCEL button and the Export All Items option.



Select the Export > Basic CSV option.




Saving the QuickBooks ITEMS.CSV File


Navigated to the appropriate Folder or File Directory.


Note: The default location is on the M Drive and saved as HHI-Items.csv.


[A] Select a folder where Millworx is located.

[B] Select a previously exported file a name a new file;

[C] Make sure the file name appears in the File Name Field.


Saving the ITEMS.CSV File

Click on the SAVE button.


The file save function will take a few moments depending on the size of your file.


Import the QuickBooks ITEMS.CSV File Into Millworx

Open the QuickBooks Inventory Items Table in the Maintenance module of Millworx.


Select Import QB-ITEMS.CSV button.


Importing Using the Default File Name and Location

Assuming you used the default file name and  location on the M Drive and saved as HHI-Items.csv, the import process will begin immediately.



How to Locate the Import File If You Changed the Export File Location and File Name.

Under the Maintenance Menu Option > select the General Option.

Look for the Path for QB: look-up button and navigate to the file that you previously created. Save these settings. Repeat the import sequence above.

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