Exporting ITEMS from WOODPRO For Millworx

The IMPORT of WOODPRO items into MILLWORX has been activated with version 4.2. Essentially, the data flows from WOODPRO to MILLWORX via Excel:

[1] Export a Price List from WoodPro using the WoodPro Print Inventory Price Listing report model.


[2] Select any or all check boxes under the PRINT? column.

[3] Select the PRINT? Price1 option and RS Price optons

[4] Select All Items option radio button.

[5] Select Sort by Location/Item# option radio button.

[6] Click on the [ToExcel] button.

[7] Excel will open to the newly generated report. It is not necessary to edit the file by deleting columns or rows. However, Columns D through M must be formatted as a number with 2 decimal places and without a "1000" separatro.



[7] Using Excel SAVE AS feature, name the file 'wpitems.csv' into the MILLWORX folder (example: D:\millworx). Be sure you SAVE AS a CSV (MS-DOS) (*.CSV) file.


[8] Close down Excel once the file has been saved in the appropriate file format and folder.

[9] In MILLWORX go to the FILE > Maintenance > Inventory Maintenance



[10] The Inventory Selection Table will open.


[11] Click on the [IMPORT WOODPRO ITEMS] button.




[12] Click [OK Import Items] and the ITEMS from WOODPRO 'wpitems.csv' will be transferred into MILLWORX.


[13] Next, go to the Millworx Lumber Table.



[14] Select the TAB {By SysID (Backup and Import Options) }




[15] Click on the [Update Prices/Qty Available] button.




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