The cost factors for the Flooring Types may be found in the Flooring Type table in the Maintenance options.


File > Maintenance > Flooring Types




The Flooring Types Table provides automatic cost computation based upon the type of flooring that is quoted. A cost factor can be used and a minimum cost. These cost can be added based upon the desired Cost Method.


Flooring Types Table: Unlimited Flooring Types May Be Added.

Flooring Types Table: Unlimited Flooring Types May Be Added.


Add, Edit or Delete flooring types as needed.


Flooring Type Default settings

Flooring Type Default settings


The flooring types default auto-calculation settings work mutually exclusive of the Job Item Quote Auto-Calculations.


A.Name the TYPE with a unique description. The Auto Compute Cost checkbox will force the calculation in the Job Item Quote.

B.Select the AUTO COMPUTE options that apply to the Floor Type.

C.Select the COST METHOD for the AUTO COMPUTE options.

D.Enter an appropriate COST FACTOR.

E.Enter the MINIMUM COST if needed.

F.The MINIMUM COST may be forced into the Job Item Quote despite the AUTO COMPUTE option.


Milling Cost Defaults Added to Flooring Types


Milling Cost Defaults now can be set in the Default Milling Charges Per Floor Type option window. The computation may be passive or forced by the Type of Floor that will be quoted.


Also, the T&G Adjustment check-box can also be forced in a quote. Plus, a new check-box to force or require an End-Match adjustment has been enabled.






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