Getting Started with User Security

Three things must be done to implement security in Millworx.

First, set up your user groups. Take some time to organize groups of users by department or job function.

Second, add your users. Assign every user a Login and Password.

Third, define screen access levels.


User Login

Every time the application is started you must Login as a user. Access to the various parts of the program are controlled by your Login name. Only a Supervisor can set up Logins and assign security levels.

Setting-up User Groups


Open the Millworx Users window. If you have previously setup your security options, you must login as a Supervisor to edit the User Security file.


At the bottom of this screen, press the button labeled User Group Details. You will see a list box, probably empty, so press the Insert button. You will see a form that asks for a User group name, and default access. Type in the name of the new user group and select "All Access" for the default access. Leave the Level set to Operator. The next User Group you enter will allow you to select a previously defined user group for a default access. User groups can inherit other user groups access privileges.

Now that your User groups are defined, return to the Browse Users list and press the insert key. You will see a form with First Name, Surname and Login fields. Enter your first user, using there first and last name, and give them a Login ID. The Login should be short and easy to type in. For access level, select Operator, unless you want this user to have Supervisor privileges too. Set the default access to "All Access". Users can also inherit other users access levels. Next, select the User Group for this user.


The Login that you enter also becomes the first password. Example, Login = JTB200 and the first password = JTB200.

A supervisor or user may change the password, but not the login. To change a password simply select Change Password under the FILE menu option.

See also, Controlling Access Levels.


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