How to Quote Items from a List Price in WoodPro or QuickBooks

Quoting a WoodPro or QuickBooks item begins as an ordinary Job Cost quote, which Millworx was originally designed to perform. The following tutorial begins with adding a new item to quote in progress.


1.Select a Job Cost Method


2.Enter or select MANUFACTURED from the LUMBER TABLE.


3.Enter the appropriate quantity into the Lineal, Piece, Square Feet, or Entered Board Feet fields.


4.Click on the [USE MFG CODE CHECKBOX] and click on the lookup button to select the WoodPro item or enter the appropriate item into the Manufactured Product Code field (MPC).


5. The [USE SELL PRICE EACH] is automatically checked. The [USE MPC PRICE] is optional. The Quote Size gets an (*) added, the description with the size information comes in from WoodPro, along with the Price1 and the unit of measure.

6.Millworx will calculate the Sell Price based upon the WoodPro or MPC Price, plus additional cost based upon the following formula:

7.MPC PRICE OR SELL PRICE EACH * QUANTITY + ANY ADDITIONAL COST ON THE WINDOW. The Millworx formula will restrict you from quoting a price lower than the WoodPro price.


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