To import a CSV text file into the Millworx Customer Table select the File > Maintenance > Customer Maintenance menu options to open the Customer Browse Table.

1.Click on the Import CSV File button to open a file navigation windows.

2.Select an appropriate file for import.

3.Click on the Open button.


Map CSV columns to the Millworx Customer Table fields



1.The left window shows the columns or fields in the CSV import file.

2.The right window shows the fields in the Millworx Customer Table.

3.To Assign a field from the CSV file to a field in the Customer Table,

a.first select a field in the CSV file by clicking on the appropriate 'row'; the selection becomes highlighted. select a 'matching' field in the Customer Table, the selection becomes highlighted.

c.Click on the Assign button; alternately use the ALT/a keys.

4.Optionally you can Strip header record (field names) from the import; simply check the box þ Strip header record (field names)

5.Once you have 'mapped' and 'matched' the appropriate fields together click on the OK Import button.

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