The Lumber Table is the main inventory list for lumber cost, descriptions, species, attributes and sizes.



The Lumber Table is available for browsing, lookup and quoting Job Items in a Lumber Quote.


Additions, and changes to the Lumber Table must be made in the Maintenance section.





Lumber Table edit window.


Lumber Table Edit/Update Form

The ‘Attribute’ field has been added to create more flexibility in creating Lumber Descriptions in the Lumber Table and in the Quote records.

(A)Specie Attribute field has been added. Therefore, the Attribute does not need to be added to the Specie Name with a comma. If the Attribute is removed from the Specie Name, then the Attribute can be placed before the Specie Name. In the example above the Attribute ‘African Quartersawn’ is part of the Specie Name therefore the attribute must always be referenced together and trail the Specie Name. If you remove ‘African Quartersawn’ from the Specie Name and add it to the new attribute field then a Millworx/user has the option of including or excluding the attribute, plus the attribute can be placed before the Specie Name as in African Quartersawn Mahogany.

(B)The Lumber Description can be manually type into the field.

(C)Optionally, a user can click/check the [ ] Auto Create Description check-box and Millworx will construct the Lumber Description in the following default order: Thickness +Attribute +Specie +Grade +DryMethod. The Finish field has been intentionally left off. Note: If a User has elected to maintain the Attributes as part of the Specie Name then the Attribute field should remain blank. Otherwise the Attribute will be duplicated if the [ ] Auto Create Description check-box is checked.

(D)The [ ] Fumigation is Required check box option when checked will force the Quote Job Item [ ] Fumigation is Required to be checked.

In the example below the Lumber Description was automatically created by Millworx.

The Specie was changed from ‘Mahogany, African Quarterswan’ to ‘Mahogany’ and the Attriubute ‘African Quartersawn’ was selected from the lookup table.


The Attributes Table above can store an unlimited quantity of Attributes for reuse.

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