To open the program, double-click on the Millworx icon on your desktop.  Select "Review Using a Sample Company" or Open an Existing Company and click "OK".  Enter your User ID and Password, and the program will open to the Security Login window.




The default User ID = admin and the default Password = admin.



There is a number of buttons at the top of the Main Menu window for easy access to the functions most often used.  From left to right, the following is a list of these buttons and their purposes:




1.Exit Door – this button has an arrow pointing to a door and will close the program.

2.Calculator – has a picture of a calculator and will open a calculator within the program.  You can use your mouse to click on the buttons, or the keypad on the right side of your keyboard.

3.Calendar – this button has a picture of a calendar and provides one for checking dates.

4.Ruler - Convert decimals to fractions.

5.Contact Activity – has a picture of a clock and will open the customer database.  You can update all activity with your customer(s) by highlighting their name from the Customer Selection Table and then choosing which area to update from the tabs below.  Click "Insert" to add a new entry in any of these tabs.

6.Appointments – Deprecated.

7.To Do – Deprecated.

8.Quotes – this button has a picture of money on it and used to open the Millworx Lumber Products Quote Selection Table.

9.The Hands - customer table with direct access to quotes.

10.Lumber – has a picture of a tree.  This will open the lumber database where you can see the lumber codes, descriptions, and all details about the various species of lumber.  The list can be printed by clicking the "Lumber List" in the bottom left corner.

11.Purchase Order – you can view, add, edit, or delete purchase orders here.

12.Receive Lumber Module

13.Lumber Sort Module

14.Printer Menu and Report Manager

15.Help File Access

16.QuickBooks Deprecated.

17.Calculator tool for multiple faced flooring, which calculates the square footage for each board width.













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