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Quote Selection Table

A new Manufacturing Status (Mfg Status) field has been added and is displayed next to the Sale Status. Sales Orders that are completed will now show S in Sale Status column for Sold and C for completed, which now will appear in the Mfg Status column. The letter ‘I’ indicates an ‘Incomplete’ SO.


The Verified field and column has been added to the table to indicate that all Job Items in the SO have been verified.



The Job Item verification is also visible from the Quote Selection Table.


Adding or Changing a Millworx Quote

To begin a new quote, click on the "Quotes" button at the top of the window – it will have a picture of money on the button.  The Quote Selection Table will open.  Click the "Insert" button – it will have a plus sign on the button.  A new window will open with a number of tabs at the top for inputting information.


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