[1] The MPC default quoting option was modified to allow MPC Prices to be imported as Cost or Sell price.


[2] Also, if you elect to quote an MPC item, then all of the required default minimum cost are turned-off or set to zero.


[3] A new {Extended MPC Cost if Used} field was added to subtotal the MPC Cost. If the Sell Price option in the default window is elected this field is set to 0. If the {Use MFG Code} field checkbox is selected or checked, the MPC Price is extended by the appropriate quantity * the MPC Price. The MPC Price field can only be changed in WoodPro. The Sell Price cannot be less than the MPC Price.



[4] IMPORTANT NOTE: Quoting MPC ITEMS FROM WOOODPRO - When quoting an MPC Item imported from WoodPro you must select the Cost Method that matches the Unit of Measure, which has been recorded with the ITEM in WoodPro. For example, if you wish to quote a 36 inch tread you must select the appropriate MPC for the piece, Millworx will match the unit of measure 'PC' to be 'PIECE' as the Quote Method in Millworx. Therefore, you must enter the appropriate quantity of pieces not the Lineal feet quantity. If you select 'Lineal' for a PC/PIECE item, then MILLWORX will reject your Lineal entry.


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