Millworx can print Progress Payment Options using the print agreement default control on the Quote Selection Table. A sample Purchase Agreement with Progress  Payments appears below:


Up to 4 Payment Options may appear on the Agreement


Activating Progress Payments in a Quote header

Select and open a Quote Header record from the Quote Selection Table.

Select the Progress Payments, General Description ... TAB.





Click on the % Percent radio button. Enter the % for the 1st payment. (.50 represents 50%)

The $ Amount is automatically computed.

Select the appropriate Payment Id, using the [ ... ] lookup button for options.

Required: Click on the Order Requires Progress Payments Checkbox [  ].

Select the Progress Payment Schedule Table lookup button for the appropriate schedule.

Save and Close the Quote header.

Select the appropriate Quote record on the Quote Selection Table and click on the print Agreement button.


Default Progress Payment Options may for each Customer may be saved inside the Customer Master record.




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