Request to Return Materials Authorization


A new procedure module has been added for the creation and management of Request to Return Materials Authorization.


The procedure can be found under the Office Functions Main Menu option>Job Quotes>Create RMA for Lumber Job Items.


Alternately, an Admin version of this procedure can be located under the Maintenance Main Menu option. This version allows the Job Item to edited and certain fields in the RMA to be accessed.


The procedure has 3 main steps.

1.A Request to RMA can only be created from a Quote that has been ‘Verified’. Quotes that have not been ‘Verified’ will not appear in the Job Item browse table. Therefore, select the appropriate quote with the highlight bar.

2.Click on the Create RMA button. Wait for the RMA Create confirmation to appear before you continue. The RMA browse table appears below the Job Item browse table and the RMAs are in descending order, which means the RMA that you create will be at the top of the list.

3.You must open the newly created RMA to complete important fields and to provide additional information. Therefore, ‘double click’ on the newly created RMA or select the appropriate RMA and click on the Change button below the RMA browse table.


You must complete:

1.The Author, or person completing the form;

2.The Requested by Customer Contact;

3.Type of Complaint, pick from the lookup table;

4.Describe the complaint, provide additional details, try to capture what the customer said.

5.Check all of the Recommendation box options that apply or that is being requested;

6.In addition to the Check boxes, write a general description of your recommendation and justification;

7.Action to be Taken completed by Admin, typically written by the person that will approve or deny the Request for RMA.

8.Approved By; completed by Admin, use the lookup table to pick from a list;

9.Date Approved or Denied completed by Admin, is for status recording;

10.Final Status, completed by Admin, is for tracking purposes.

11.Date if Returned, completed by Admin.


Click on the OK Save button to record your Request or changes.




Request to RMA Form Print Option

To print an RMA, highlight the appropriate record in the RMA browse table and click on the Print RMA Form button.

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