Revision History

11/06/2016 v8.57.8

Enhanced the MPC Form to simplify the Product Code Builder.



2/20/2016 v8.40.1

quoteheaderapplydatesAdded an option in General Default setting to disable and enable the (2) Apply Date to Items button.

Added an option in the Mill Default settings to disable and enable the Mill By Date, Outsource Date and Customer Needs By Date fields on each Job Item record.



9/1/2015 v8.19.2

The Ship Exact Customer Setting feature allows you to pre-set a Customer's shipping requirements at the Customer record level.October 21, 2012 v8.2.300

1)Added an option to import a CSV file into the Customer Table.



September 3, 2012 v8.2.258

1) A new Top Level Approval (TLA) order process has been globally added to the Quote Header.

The TLA is mutually exclusive of other credit and operation approvals.

The TLA has a user defined order threshold amount field inside the General settings table and form. (File > Maintenance > General > Tab: 4) Top Level Approval.

The TLA has a user defined approval code, which must match the TLA code when triggered inside the Quote Header form.


2) TLA General Settings:




3) Quote Header


If the Quote amount exceeds the TLA threshold amount a notification window will open, as shown below:




The Quote 3) Payments and Totals TAB contains Top Level Approval fields for each Quote, as shown below:




1)Checkbox  for Top Level Approval

2)Checkbox for Top Level Aproval is required. This field is automatically selected or checked if the Sell Price is equal to or greater than the TLA threshold amount.

3)The TLA Date is the Top Level Approval Date, which should be entered at the time of approval.

4)The TLA amount is the amount entered when the Order is Top Level Approved.

5)The TLA Code should be entered to provide Top Level Approval. The TLA Code must match the TLA Code in the General settings.


February 12, 2012 v8.2.132

1)On the Quote Header Edit Window, the Job Item table has been moved from the 1) Customer tab to the 3) Job Items tab.

2)The Job Item Outsource Vendor RFQ/PO activities are moved from each Job Item (Outsource tab) to the Quote Header record 4) Outsource tab.

3)The Vendor table window was modified to include the Primary and Secondary supply fields.

4)A Freight Charge review and update table has been added to the Office Tools menu.

5)A SO search field was added to the RFQ/PO Edit window module.


quote hdr job item tab

October 15, 2011 v8.1.56

1.A new Grade Clarity Id field added to the Job Description Tab.

2.Shipping information and Verification checks has been  moved to a new Shipping +Verifications Tab.

3.Grade Clarity Id: The Grade Clarity Id is linked to a Grade Clarity Descriptions lookup table. This entry will populate a Job Item if the LSR Id is used in the Job Item and the Require Grade Clarification checkbox is checked.

4.The Name Grade Clarity field and Description Grade Clarity field must be edited in the Grade Clarity Descriptions lookup table.



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