Process for Sales Lead Intake

The purpose for the procedure is to maximize the capture of inbound sales opportunities and inquiries. In addition, this procedure will assist us with the important task of accurately recording the effectiveness of our lead sources, recording leads assigned to each sales person and with tracking sales opportunities from intake to finality.

1)Recommended answer phrase and call handing techniques

a)You will receive calls from people with a variety of reasons and request. Answer with, “thank you for calling Heppner Hardwoods, my name is [your name], how may I help you?”

b)Typically the caller will want to speak with a Sales Rep about a product and/or to get a quote. Please do not be tempted to immediately transfer a call to a Sales Rep that you think is available. It is very important for us to screen the caller and to capture basic information about the caller. Often times we get head-hunters that are trying to recruit out people for competitors.

2)Completing the Sales Lead Form (See Sales Lead Intake Form attached)

i)If the caller is or is not an existing customer and requesting to speak with any Sales Rep about a product and/or quote, please complete the Sales Lead Form. Use handwriting or printing instead of keying the directly into Millworx. The handwritten form is quicker; therefore please keep blank copies at hand so you are ready for your next call.

ii)If the caller is an existing customer and requesting to speak with their Sales Rep by name, then you can explain, “your call is very important to us and I want to be able to call you back in the transfer is not completed.”  Next simply ask for and write down their [1] name, [2] company name, [3] telephone number and try to identify what number they dialed to reach your company. Once you have completed 1, 2, and 3 on the form transfer the caller to the appropriate extension.  It is not necessary to complete the other fields on the Sales Lead Form.

iii)Use a friendly conversation style to engage the caller/customer so you can record as much information as possible. All of the information is important, if necessary, please explain to the caller that you are in the Marketing Dept. and it is your job to collect the basic information so the Sales Manager will know which of our sales reps would be best suited to meet the caller/customer needs. Once you have completed the Sales Lead Form, reassure the caller that one of our Sales Reps will give them a call as soon as possible; if a Sales Rep has become available, simply say, “One of our sales reps just become available, may I transfer you to ___________________ now?”

3)What do you do when a caller insist on speaking with a Sales Person right now?  Explain to the customer that all of our Sales People are busy assisting other customers. Your job is to gather the information that your company needs to know in order to assign their account to the most qualified sales person. Assure the customer that you will have the first available person call them ASAP.

a)Enter the information into the Millworx Contact Management and Activity module.

4)Entering the Lead Form Information into Millworx;

a)Before entering a new record attempt to find the person and, or Company in the Millworx Contact Manager database. Record all of the information that you are able to capture from you conversation with the customer or prospect.

i)Set the Entry Type to Customer or Prospect and the Status to Active.

ii)Enter a postal perfect address and the appropriate Referenced By information.

iii)Enter a full-name, a job-title, phone numers and an email address if available.

5)New Sales Lead Notification Requirements~ Once the sales lead information has been recorded, please complete the following steps after each and every lead captured:

a)Leave a voice mail message for _____________________________, Sales Manager, ext. ________. Record the name of the customer, the company name, city and state, and the customer’s phone number. Please include a brief description of the customer’s interest.

b)Print a copy of the Sales Lead Form and place the copy into Sales Managers office door box.

c)Give a copy of the Sales Lead Form to the Rep, which has been assigned the lead.

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