Updating Job Dates and Verification

To Update Mill Job Item Dates you must select the Milled Lumber Jobs menu option with an appropriate security login.


The Order Accepted Date, Material Picked Date and the Milling Complete Date can only be updated from a special Milling Job Items edit window.


The Edit window can be accessed by selecting the MAINTENANCE menu option (example below) on the MAIN menu window.






Use the FUZZY SEARCH OPTION to location a specific JOB NUMBER. Enter the number into the field and then click on the [SEARCH] button. The relative data will appear in the browse table. Use the highlight bar to focus or select an item.

Select the CHANGE button to open the Edit Form.



Enter the appropriate dates for:


·        Customer Needs By or Due Date - use to record customer requirements or goals
·        Sale Date - use to record an official Sale
·        Order Accepted Date - use to record official acceptance or Credit Approval
·        Material Picked Date - use to record when all of the material is ready for milling or processing
·        Milling Complete Date - use to record the process completion
·        Date Shipped - use to record shipping or will call for a customer


The VERIFIED check box can be used as a final check of an order or to signify an invoice has been generated and sent to a customer.



The Verified Date is automatically posted with the current date.


Click on the [SAVE] button to record your changes.






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