CAUTION: The Workgroup option should only be used to segregate groups of customers and quotations. A Workgroup can be 1 or more users.




The default value is 0.


Here's an example of why you may wish to use Workgroups:


You have an Independent Sales Rep (ISA) that will work remotely. You only want the ISA to be able to view and/or add, change or delete customers and prospects, which the ISA has brought into the system for quoting purposes. Also, you would like to limit the ISA's access to only the quotes that are created by the ISA.


A unique Workgroup number is assigned to the User's login record. This unique number must be added to the Current Workgroup Code field in each customer record and/or quote that you wish to provide access for the Workgroup




Therefore, the ISA can only access quotes through the (A) Sales View and/or (B) money icon. Only the quotes that are created by the ISA are visible when the ISA's login is used.


Also, the (C) hands icon limits the customer table to only be viewed by each users workgroup number.

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